5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I Really Love Cars


Sorry to whosever BMW this was in Munich! I just really wanted to be on this car. German cars are my favorite (I own a VW), but really I love any European car. I saw so many gorgeous ones when I was over there!


2. I used to play bass in a band

Don't Tell Thomas_November 17_2006 045

I also sang and wrote songs. Fun stuff. I still play bass, bongos, and piano, but not as much as I did.


3. My favorite person is my brother Chuckie


He’s the coolest person I know, even without all the crazy things he does.


4. I work Weekends at a women’s homeless shelter in DC

Can’t put a picture here out of privacy for my clients, but I really love working here! The people—both clients and staff—are amazing.

I’ve never been in an environment where I received so much love and support from people I work with. It’s been a life-changing experience.


5. I was a nanny for seven years


Me and two of my old kids at a costume shop in Annapolis. Being a nanny was really hard, but also extremely fun.


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