Celebrities Who Support Animal Cruelty (Let the Bashing Begin!)

I LOVE celebrities, don’t you?

Ok, I was being sarcastic.

I do like pointing out their faults, however. Like celebrities who support animal cruelty.

So, lovely people, I’ve compiled a list of 25 celebrities that are negatively influencing the world and consumer society by modeling for companies that test on animals.

And here they are!

1. Ellen Degeneres   Company—CoverGirl

Ellen D Animal Testing

Who doesn’t like Ellen, right? She dances on her show, she was Dory’s adorable voice in Finding Nemo, and her wife is smokin’.

But, alas, she models for CoverGirl.

And CoverGirl is owned by Procter and Gamble.

And Procter and Gamble are one of the biggest companies in the U.S that conduct the most animal testing. Procter and Gamble owns Tide, Gain, Magic Eraser, NyQuil, Oral B, Always, Gillette, Cascade, Pampers, Swiffer, Dawn, Venus, Olay, Duracell (yup again), Crest, Tampax, Charmin, and more…

Ellen! Why! Please stop modeling for CoverGirl. You are advocating for the torture of hundreds of thousands of animals! So you’re on my list of celebrities who support animal cruelty.

2. P!NK   Company—CoverGirl

Pink M Animal Testing

Is anyone else confused? I thought Pink advocated FOR animals, not for their torture and death? You may have seen Pink and her tattoos in a CoverGirl ad recently. Yup, she models for ’em.

I love Pink, especially her 90’s stuff, but this is just NOT cool. Pink… Pink!

3. Taylor Swift   Company—CoverGirl

Taylor S Animal Testing

I love Taylor Swift. I love all of her music, even the pop stuff (regrettably…) I love her emotion and her ability to just throw herself out there with all her baggage about boyfriends and just rock it. She’s classy, she’s lovable, she’s a great role model… except…

She models for CoverGirl.

Taylor, don’t you have a cat? (I heard she loves cats.) They’re torturing cats, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, rats, and more. Please stop supporting them because I love you and I hate celebrities who support animal cruelty!

Oh, and also Taylor Swift has been in advertisements for Diet Coke too. Doesn’t she know Diet Coke has aspartame in it and it’s making a ton of people sick? Next time you go to visit those sick kids in the hospital Taylor, please don’t give them a Diet Coke. Because it’s most likely giving them cancer. And tumors. And God knows what else.

Aspartame is the devil. Anyway…

4. Julia Roberts   Company—Lancôme

Julia R Animal Testing

Lancôme, like the Body Shop, Ralph Lauren, Viktor & Rolf, Urban Decay, Garnier, Maybelline, Essie, Redken, and many more companies are all owned by L’Oreal. You may have seen our beloved actress Julia Roberts modeling for Lancome and looking pretty stunning for her age while doing it.

Julia Roberts, don’t you have enough money without making animals suffer just so you can sell a few bottles of overpriced perfume for Lancôme? Don’t you have other things to do besides being one of the celebrities who support animal cruelty?

(BTW just recently re-watched that movie Larry Crowne that she’s in, and I actually kinda like it. Boo.)

5. Natalie Portman   Company—Christian Dior

Natalie P Animal Testing

Christian Dior tests on animals. Surprise.

I LOVE Natalie Portman. I think she’s a great actress and I absolutely loved her in V for Vendetta (my favorite movie). I also like her other movies. She actually inspired me to shave all my hair off.

Why she is choosing to support animal testing, I’ll never know. She’s a talented, educated, attractive woman. She doesn’t need to succumb to being one of the celebrities who support animal cruelty. Nooo Natalie!

6. Jennifer Aniston   Company—Aveeno

Jennifer A Animal Testing

She looks so happy for endorsing torture… oh yeah, Aveeno is owned by Johnson and Johnson, who are some more animal testing bastards.

Johnson and Johnson also make Acuvue (contacts), Band-Aid, Benadryl, Bengay, Carefree, Clean and Clear, KY, Listerine, Monistat, Motrin, Mylanta, Neosporin, Neutrogena, Splenda, and Zyrtec.

Wow. And that’s NOT a comprehensive list (there’s more!)

Jennifer Aniston has a tattoo of her deceased dog’s name—Norman—on her ankle. Paying tribute to one animal that you loved is great, but I suggest you also pay tribute to all the animals whose deaths you played a part in as well. And not with tattoos—just stop advertising for Aveeno and being one of the celebrities who support animal cruelty!

7. James Franco   Company—Gucci

James F Animal Testing Better

Wow, ok, so obviously I couldn’t put the actual advertisement on here, but this picture says enough. Unfortunately, with his good looks, he probably made Gucci some money. Gucci tests on animals people!

Not that too many people can afford their cologne anyway. But, in case you were planning to buy some ooo-la cologne for your man, steer away from this one. SAY NO TO HIS GOOD-LOOKING FACE!

8. David Beckham   Company—Beckham Fragrances (Coty)

David B Animal Testing

Apparently, David Beckham owns his own line of cologne. It looks like his cologne is marketed by a company named Coty, which says they don’t do animals testing except in countries that require it.

Wow, really? Really? He looks a little like an evil Batman in this picture so unless you’re into that kind of thing, it shouldn’t be too hard to shut this one down.

9. Derek Jeter   Company—Avon

Derek J Animal Testing

Derek Jeter has his own line of cologne which is marketed by Avon. And Avon is a company that does animal testing. They are, in fact, well known for doing animal testing. So stay away. I’ve read online that this cologne smells good. I don’t think the bunnies that got this cologne in their eyeballs felt that way…

Also, in case you didn’t know, conventional perfume and cologne contain untold numbers of carcinogens!

10. Justin Bieber   Company—Elizabeth Arden

Justin B Animal Testing

That’s right, his perfume line got sold to Elizabeth Arden, a company which… tests on animals! There you go. We must say no to this seduction and think about the many animals who experienced adverse health problems and then were euthanized after getting this perfume dropped into their eyes, sprayed onto their fur, and probably shoved down their throats too. No, Justin Bieber. No.

11. Tim McGraw   Company—Coty

Tim M Animal Testing

Hello Tim McGraw! Welcome to my list of celebrities who support animal testing. I hope you like it here.

This is the same company that apparently makes David Beckham’s fragrances as well. Honestly, I’m not really into the whole sweaty cowboy thing, but if that’s your cup of tea, just make sure you find an actual cowboy and don’t get him this cologne for his birthday or you guys’ first anniversary or whatever. Tell him he smells so much sexier without the scent of sick animals on him (or maybe he does smell like a sick cow that he’s helping take care of, whatever). Just stay away from this cologne.

12. Emma Stone   Company—Revlon

Emma S Animal Testing

Emma Stone! I loved you in The Help and Zombieland. I think you are really cool… except you model for Revlon. Hence why you are on my list of celebrities who support animal cruelty. And as anyone with half a brain knows, Revlon tests on animals.

Revlon is an American cosmetic company founded in 1932 and currently owned by its parent company, MacAndrews & Forbes. I’m not a makeup person myself, but I’ve never liked Revlon. Do what Emma Stone couldn’t and say no to these products and save bunnies from unnecessary torture and death!

13. Halle Berry   Company—Revlon

Halle Berry Animal Testing

Our spicy chica here has modeled for Revlon for quite some time, apparently since 1996. You’d think that during that time she’d figure out that she was being one of the celebrities who support animal torture. Come on!

14. Scarlett Johansson   Company—Dolce & Gabbana

Scarlett J Animal Testing

Scarlett Johansson is super hot (girl crush? yes!). The problem is, I’m sure other people do too. Which means that she’s probably making Dolce & Gabbana a lot of money. They test, people!

All your money is going towards making them profits while animals like monkeys, cats, and rabbits get to be sprayed with the same perfume that Scarlett is helping them advertise to sell. She’s like, “Hey guys! This perfume is totally safe to put on your skin! We dumped it into rabbits’ eyes and it was fine. Well, it burned, but skin is ok! Buy it! I’m hot!” Sorry, I’ll be avoiding this company. And you should too.

15. Kelly Ripa   Company—Crest

Kelly Ripa

We all know what Crest products are, right? Tooth care. Or tooth decay, whatever. If you really think that stuff is good for your teeth, at least try and buy a non-animal testing version of it.

Crest is owned by Proctor & Gamble, a company which conducts a huge amount of animal testing in the U.S. Proctor & Gamble also own a ton of other brands, including but not limited to: Bounty, Pampers, Dawn, Tide, Gain, Cascade, Venus, Charmin, Swiffer, Nyquil, Olay, and Duracell batteries. Yup. Evil. Completely, totally evil.

16. Katy Perry   Company—CoverGirl

Katy P Animal Testing

I love Katy Perry. I like her music and I think she’s gorgeous. Also, her perfumes don’t test on animals (I don’t believe so, anyway. From what I can find.)

So I found it super weird when I was flipping through my brother’s girlfriend’s Cosmopolitan that she left in the car while waiting for a meeting in DC one day and saw Katy Perry in a CoverGirl advertisement for mascara.

Why is CoverGirl snagging so many celebrities? Don’t those women know they test on animals? Someone tell them, please. Cue them in that they are actually celebrities who support animal cruelty.

17. Demi Lovato   Company—Tampax

Demi L Animal Testing

In same said magazine, I found an advertisement for Tampax featuring Demi Lovato with a super-fake smile plastered on her face and in high heels. This was even more shocking to me than the Katy Perry CoverGirl advertisement.

Tampax makes feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, all of which are bleached and test on animals. Tampax is also owned by, guess who? Proctor & Gamble. Those bastards.

I’m all about being open about being a woman and talking about your period, but shoving bleach up your vag and modeling for a company that tortures bunnies just isn’t very classy. Sorry, Demi. That’s why you’re on this list of celebrities who support animal cruelty.

18. Diane Keaton   Company—L’Oreal

Diane K Animal Testing

Ok, so, she does look old. But, I don’t think that these products that test on animals are going to help with those wrinkles.

Really… she’s had a long successful career right? She doesn’t need to torture any bunnies before she retires. L’Oreal tests on animals! (Also: they own the Body Shop, which says they don’t test on animals. But if they’re owned by L’Oreal…)

19. Julianne Moore   Company—L’Oreal

Julianne M Animal Testing

Oh, Julianne Moore. I like her as an actress. I just don’t like her as an animal testing advocate. PLEASE, Julianne! Another L’Oreal snag. Just because they’re a French company doesn’t make them cool!

20. Courteney Cox   Company—Pantene

Courteney C Animal Testing

Does her hair really look that great? I just don’t know.

I can assure you it wasn’t worth the torture and deaths of all those animals they killed just to put out that product that she used on it.

All you guys who missed out on the Friends era may not know who she is. Maybe she does need money, who am I to say? But I can assure you that there are other ways to make money besides torturing animals by making them eat Pantene and seeing what happens.

Pantene is owned by Proctor & Gamble, one of the biggest animal testing companies in the U.S. Believe me when I say this is one company you do not want to give your money to.

21. Jennifer Lopez   Company—L’Oreal

Jennifer lopezJennifer lopez - 018

She’s hot, right? And I LOVE those boots. I also loved “Jenny on the Block”. Whatever. Ahem.

Anyway, she models for L’Oreal. Can we agree this girl is gorgeous without makeup?? Please stop, Jenny!

22. Penelope Cruz   Company—Lancôme

Penelope C Animal Testing

Lancôme is an expensive company. You’d think they’d figure out that they could make more profits with in-vitro testing, which has a higher accuracy rate than animal testing and, of course, is less wasteful and inhumane.

Although I would argue that testing on humans produces more accurate results. And, as I always say, if you aren’t using nasty chemicals in your products, WHY would you need to test them in the first place? Stay away from this company.

23. Doutzen Kroes   Company—L’Oreal

Doutzen K Animal Testing

Our Dutch hottie here has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a little while, but she left them earlier this year. (Victoria’s Secret sells its products in China, where animal testing is required by law.) But, now she models for L’Oreal. So she is officially one of the celebrities who support animal cruelty.

She’s gorgeous, why does she need nasty animal-tested cosmetics on her face! Doutzen, there are other ways to make money. Go back to sexy lingerie please and stop being part of the celebrities who support animal cruelty!

24. Sofia Vergara   Company—CoverGirl

Sofia V Animal Testing

No, not CoverGirl! They test.

I also don’t care for this woman for another reason—she advertises for Diet Pepsi too. Ew! This is an all around no. (Ya’ll know Diet Pepsi has aspartame in it, right? A nasty chemical that most likely contributes to cancerous tumors? Yeah.)

Oh, but I did like her in Madea Goes to Jail! Too bad she is part of the gang of celebrities who support animal cruelty.

25. Andie MacDowell   Company—L’Oreal

Andie M Animal Testing

Gosh, it seems like I have seen her on the L’Oreal advertisements for FOREVER! You would think she’d figure out that those bastards tested on animals. Was she or was she not in that movie Groundhog Day? Doesn’t she have SOME compassion? Ah!

So What Can You Do?

I always encourage you to educate yourself before buying a product.

A simple Google search of who makes the product and if they test on animals is so easy it isn’t even funny. And fragrances are so expensive (not to mention toxic)! You’ll feel way better when you know you’re buying a product that doesn’t test on our furry friends, especially if you’re shelling out that much money.

It doesn’t take a ton of time and energy to be conscious of what’s going on around you. It’s easy to find celebrities who support animal cruelty and their products. Educate yourselves on what’s really going on out there and don’t take part in the torture of innocent creatures!

And, if you see these celebrities who support animal cruelty in public, cue them in. Or write them a letter, whatever.

A note on the pictures: Copyright laws exist and are real. You can get sued for using pictures that aren’t yours. Of course, I could have found sparkly, pretty, new pictures for you via Google Images, but that would technically be illegal and I could get sued.

I found all of these images from free media websites. I suggest you all do the same and respect the companies who have lots of money that own these pictures. Of course, they have lots of money so we should steal their pictures right? NO, because since they have lots of money, they could sue you! Thank you for being appreciative of my hard-worked-for pictures (hey, it took a long time to find these free media images!)

I also chose to not display the actual advertisements here because a) that would probably be illegal and b) why would I actually want to KEEP advertising those bloody products?

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