Rates and Delivery


I’m currently charging .07 cents a word for all content and .02 cents a word for editing.

If you’d like to discuss bulk rates, a special project, or just have inquires about my rates in general and how they’ll apply to you and your unique needs, please contact me! I promise I’m reasonable and well worth that e-mail you’ll send or contact form you fill out 🙂

I’ll happily edit your PowerPoint presentations, proposals, and edit your websites for unsightly (not to mention hard to read) typos and any existing content you may want freshened up.

Each piece of writing is written specifically with you in mind. I’ll never republish or reuse the work I’ve sent you, and I’ll only send you fresh pieces that have never before been in existence and have been written solely by me.

I send the articles in Word format, so you can modify if you wish. If Word isn’t your thing, just let me know and I’ll change my formatting to accommodate your needs. I know my way around WordPress and can easily upload articles as well.

Once I’ve written your content and sent it to you, it’s yours to do with what you will. I lay no claim to the article once it’s yours and you’re happy with it. You can mark yourself as the author, resell it, or flush it down the toilet. Totally up to you.

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