Welcome to my samples page!

I have experience writing about a wide variety of things—from IT security to roofing to finance and much more—but my passion and field of expertise is natural health.

At The Green Writing Desk, my goal is to help others come to natural health through great content that’s engaging and informational. That being said, I’ll happily discuss any project you’d like and we can quickly determine if I’m a good fit!

I do not work with companies or do projects that advocate for pharmaceutical products, animal testing or cruelty, or environmental hazards. Thank you for respecting my ethics!

Here are some live blog samples on topics I regularly write about:

Huffington Post

5 Things a Serious Misdiagnosis Taught Me About Myself

How to Truly Become a Digital Nomad

92% of People Exposed to Dangerous Air Pollution: WHO

Elite Daily

3 Reasons It’s Time for Women to Completely Ditch Using Tampons

Lavender Can Help You Fend Off Anxiety and Depression

5 Easy Ways to Cut Thousands off the Cost of Your Wedding

The Hearty Soul

Moisturizing, Pain-Relieving Bath Bomb Recipe with Coconut Oil and Magnesium

Knowing These 10 Things about Your Cervix Could Save Your Life

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Use Fake Eyelashes

The Top 10 Medications You Had No Idea Cause You to Gain Weight


Why Wearing a Bra Probably Isn’t Healthy

Ready to Make an Impact After Death? Here Are Your Green Burial Options

5 Completely Legitimate Reasons Animal Testing Needs to Stop

Thought Catalog

My Ex Called Me 5 Years Later and This Is What He Said

How I Honestly Knew My Partner Was the One

Everything I Learned from Being in Love with Someone Who Didn’t Feel the Same

17 Absolutely Mind-Blowing Facts about the Human Body

Elephant Journal

How the Menstrual Cup Changed My Period

Here’s Why I’m Ditching Toxic Clothing

Nothing I Learned in College Prepared Me for This

What Shaving My Head Taught Me about Being a Woman

Natural News

Chinese Cinnamon Twig Tea for Your Summer Cold

Your Guide to Health Insurance and Alternative Medicine

Staying in Optimal Health While Being Vegan


The Case for Raw Honey That Will Make You Toss Your Regular Brand (

How I Recovered from a Victoria’s Secret Shopping Addiction (

How to Lose Face Fat with 7 Simple Exercises (

Your Guide to Supplements (

Infertility Linked to Flame Retardants in Furniture and Carpet (

This Is Why Chiropractic Adjustments Are Good for Detox, Positive Energy, and Health (


If you’d like samples based on a specific topic (I’ve written on many), simply get in touch and tell me what you’re looking for. If I’ve written something on that topic, I’ll send it over.

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