8 Mostly Nonsensical Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

I first experienced the benefits of taking cold showers after I went for a run. I was sweaty and it felt liberating. It helped me cool down, refresh, and get out of there quickly.

Then, as I read more about the supposed benefits of taking cold showers, I began taking them more and more often. This likely had something to do with the fact that it’s, you know, mostly summer now.

Also, my fiancé and I went to elope in Costa Rica and there was no hot water there, so we got used to the cold showers (but man, that Costa Rica thing is another story).

So here are 8 mostly nonsensical benefits of taking cold showers. You won’t find any research here—just facts based on my personal experience. Boom!

1. Save on Your Energy Bill

First, let me be clear that when I say “cold” showers, I mean lukewarm water. It can be mostly cold with just a touch of warmth. I’m not talking about walking into an ice bucket because that would just be brutal.

One time years ago, my brother dared me that I couldn’t take a cold shower without screaming. Of course, I took him up on the dare. He then proceeded to wait outside the door while I stepped into the shower. I let out a little yelp which he unfortunately heard and I think I owed him $5.

Anyway, regardless, reducing your use of hot water and saving on your energy bill is one of the best benefits of taking cold showers. You could save over $150 a year just by turning that knob a little more to the colder side. You can also wash your laundry in cold water to save even more!

2. Don’t Fog Up the Mirror

I hate it when the mirror fogs up. I like seeing myself after I’ve just taken a shower. I look fresh and new and when I have a fresh buzz, it feels amazing.

So I’m pretty dismayed when the mirror is fogged up after a really hot shower.

When you take cold showers, this problem does not exist. You can get out of the shower and be like, “Hey, cutie.” Because you totally do that. Like Jack Black in Orange County.

3. Have Great Skin

I have always struggled with my skin. It’s always been dry and scarred easily. I’ve finally started taking some essential fatty acids, so it’s getting better. Turns out, the heat was not helping it and greatly contributed to my already dry skin.

When you stop taking hot showers, your skin remains much more supple and less flaky and dry. Which is what it’s all about. The benefits of taking cold showers include having some Beyonce-like skin. It helps protect your skin and keep it healthy!

4. Reduce Dandruff (Because Hell Yeah!)

Dandruff is a real problem and it sucks.

After finding out my dandruff was likely being caused by a form of dermatitis that runs in the family (thanks, Dad’s side), I found this excellent shampoo recipe that has worked better than anything I’ve ever tried (it’s towards the end of the post btw).

The benefits of taking cold showers absolutely extend to your hair. The cold water helps reduce dandruff and keeps you flake free for an extended period of time. The best!

5. Feel Like a Badass

Whenever I go for a run and come home, have a glass of cold water, and take a cold shower, I feel totally boss afterward. I feel like I could do anything and it would be fine. Plus, the benefits of taking cold showers may even include boosting your mood, according to research (ok, I lied just a little when I said there wouldn’t be any research here).

Cold showers make you feel like a total badass. You’re doing something many people wouldn’t do and fuck yeah, you just exercised. So you feel awesome and get out of the shower feeling like a million bucks.

Write this down: benefits of taking cold showers=feeling boss.

6. Adjust to Room Temperature Easier

Since I hate being cold, whenever I would get out of the nice warm shower, I’d instantly be freezing and start shivering. Ian hates it when I shiver. I know he feels bad and I look pathetic—I really can’t help it.

When I take a cold shower, I get out of the shower and I’m like, “Man, it feels warm out here.” I adjust much easier to the outside temperature and am able to better regulate my body temperature. It feels kinda like jumping in a pool, but without the chlorine!

7. Appreciate Warmth with the Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

If I thought I appreciated the heat before, I was sadly mistaken. I appreciate the warmth now. Everything feels amazing after a cold shower—Ian’s warm hands, a soft blanket, my organic cotton socks and boxers. YES. This is why I exist. To enjoy these small things that bring me so much comfort with the benefits of taking cold showers.

8. Less Shower Time

When the shower is colder, you get the fuck out of there in minutes. You are not in there for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, a goddamn half hour. You get out of there as soon as you are done whatever it is you need to do. Less water used, less energy used, more boss time.

The benefits of taking cold showers have both irrevocably refreshed me and also cut down on the time I’ve spent in the shower. From more supple skin to an easier time adjusting to the outside world, I plan to continue taking cold showers as often as I’m able. I will NOT give up my hot baths though. Sorry!

4 thoughts on “8 Mostly Nonsensical Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

  • How are these nonsensical? They’re all true. Especially the dandruff. That’s not what nonsense means.

    • Haha, since a lot of the articles I write professionally are heavily backed by research, I just meant that a lot of these points aren’t backed by peer-reviewed research 🙂 Thanks for your comment (and for reminding me of the definition of nonsense).

  • I love this!
    I started taking cold showers as a challenge to myself and I love the little buzz it gives my skin long after!

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