At The Green Writing Desk, I’m committed to giving back to the community through my money and time, from my local neighborhoods to the worldwide community that we’re all a part of. I’m honored to work with the following companies and organizations to give back.

N Street Village

As the largest provider of housing and supportive services in Washington, DC, N Street Village is a non-profit organization supporting homeless women in the city. I’m proud to have been affiliated with N Street Village since 2014. Your business with me at The Green Writing Desk supports in-kind donations to homeless women striving for a better life!

White Coat Waste

Since 2017, your business with me has supported the fight against government-funded, wasteful, and inhumane animal experiments with White Coat Waste Project in Washington, DC. White Coat Waste is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping taxpayer-funded experiments on animals that we can all agree have no place in a science lab: dogs, monkeys, cats, rabbits, and mice to name a few!

Letters Against Depression

Since 2020, I’ve been volunteering as an Initial Letter Writer and a Hope and Support Letter Writer with Letters Against Depression, a non-profit organization serving people around the world who struggle with depression and other mental and physical conditions. I try to write at least two handwritten letters a month of hope and support to people who need it!

Robert Mason

“Jenn is an absolutely amazing volunteer with our organization, Letters Against Depression (LAD). She is a valued contributor to our organization as an Initial Letter Writer, which means that on many occasions, Jenn works directly as an Ambassador for Letters Against Depression as the first point of contact after someone joins LAD. Jenn is a very compassionate, thoughtful, and sincere person who has worked seamlessly with so many diverse people through our program. I found my experiences with her to exceed every expectation that I could possibly have.”

— Robert P. Mason, Founder/CEO, Letters Against Depression

SPCA of Anne Arundel County

Since 2019, your business with me has supported donations to the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Anne Arundel County, an animal protection organization near where I live. I also adopted my rabbit Hava Dalal here!


I choose socially responsible investing (SRI) for my retirement and investment accounts with Domini and have since 2016. Thanks to ethical investing through Domini, I’m able to choose funds that don’t endorse questionable practices such as animal testing.

Still Not Asking For It

I also donate to tattoo studios and tattoo artists that participate in the Still Not Asking For It annual fundrasier to raise money for the support of sexual violence survivors and to prevent sexual violence.

Thank YOU!

A huge THANK YOU to all my previous and current clients that have made giving back through The Green Writing Desk possible! Part of my mission here is to make the world a better place, from helping you meet your marketing goals to giving hope to those who need it to advocating for those who don’t have a voice. You’ve made this possible!

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