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Do you ever feel like your writing isn’t good enough? Are you missing a key segment of your market because your content doesn’t quite resonate with your target audience? Do you struggle to organically place SEO keywords and phrases?

You’re not alone. 72 percent of B2B companies want to create more engaging content.

It’s difficult to get specific about what’s important to your readers, especially when it comes to content that’s not designed to sell, but rather to foster a relationship and spark interest in what you offer.

But your brand is what customers identify and connect with, and I can help you build your online presence with the right content.

  • If you’re a business, imagine having relatable, helpful content that your readers love sharing and come back to again and again.
  • For digital marketing agencies, picture working with a reliable writer who delivers fact-checked content for your clients on time and makes your job easier. 
  • On your personal blog, showcase your best self to potential clients and subscribers with consistent and relatable content.

Great content demonstrates the value you offer to your audience. Whether they’re just looking for information or are ready to convert, your content meets them where they are and makes them feel at home.

Hi, I’m Jenn

I’ve been a professional SEO content writer for the past five years. I’m a Penn State English grad, where I learned to research well and write cohesively, and I work with SaaS, ecommerce, B2B, and B2C companies, among them digital marketing agencies and individuals.

From intricately specific technical writing about obsolete automation machinery to sustainably sourced cosmetics, I can help create your next masterpiece.

Rob Gazolla

“Jenn has been an incredible asset to our company and has done a variety of content work for us over the last several years. She’s not only creative and punctual, but communicates well and makes it easy to deliver great pieces of content to our clients. She’s committed to her craft and I’d trust her with any content needs.”

—Rob Gazzola, Gazz Consulting

So how do I do it?

  • I capture your brand voice so you can better connect with your audience and deliver impactful results.

Often, people will come to your website only to be underwhelmed by the content that’s there and leave to find a business they feel connected to and good about working with.

Your company and what you offer are unique—your content should be too! 61 percent of consumers admit they’re more likely to purchase from a business that provides custom content.

During my discovery phase, I gather all the information I can about your business and brand so I can harness what makes you different and present that to your readers in a relatable way.

  • I deliver accurate content that’s triple-checked to build your credibility.

Mistakes in your writing—whether grammatical errors or factual discrepancies—diminish your expertise and trustworthiness, two essential elements for getting readers to convert. 74 percent of readers said they pay attention to spelling and grammar on a company’s website.

Accurate copy helps build credibility so potential clients trust you more and feel comfortable reaching out because they’re confident you can help them.

That’s why all content I write is tripled-checked.

  1. First, I use a distraction-free environment, an eagle eye for detail, and a spectacular cup of homemade tea to carefully review your content and fact-check my information. This step cannot be rushed and is often the most time-consuming part of my process.
  2. Next, I use Word’s suggestions to ensure that the way I present your copy via my grammar and spelling is accurate.
  3. Last, I use the Premium version of Grammarly to run over 400 checks on your content to pick up on errors I or Word may have missed. 
  • I keep the focus on what truly makes you special, not on meaningless fluff.

Concrete facts keep readers focused on what you offer and why they should care, while filler content distracts them from your message.

With 79 percent of readers scanning your content rather than reading it word-for-word (you didn’t read this whole page, right?), being able to quickly scan content and pick out the most useful information is going to be instrumental when making your content shine.

Your product or service changes lives, even if it’s in a small way. Let’s get to the core of that and present your expertise and personality to your audience so they’re inspired to engage with you!

  • I incorporate your keywords and phrases to ensure your content doesn’t just deliver the right message, but reaches the right people.

SEO keywords and phrases can be challenging to naturally incorporate into content. But they’re so important to your marketing strategy to improve your search engine rankings and reach your ideal audience.

Fortunately for you, I’m an experienced SEO writer. I take your keywords and organically weave them throughout the content so your piece reads beautifully while still giving you that search engine boost you need to reach customers!

Vic Holterman

“I’ve owned a number of different websites and in the past it was fairly easy to find writers, but when I launched an automobile-focused site I had a very difficult time finding writers that were both knowledgeable AND skilled at writing. Jenn was great, with very accurate articles, good analysis and the writer I had whose work required the least edits (by far). I highly recommend her.”

— Vic Holtreman, CEO, Warp 10, LLC

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Imagine never having to worry about whether your content is connecting with your audience in the way you want it to because the results speak for themselves.

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, a business, or an individual, I’m your partner in creating content to help you reach your goals.

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