Bewitching Copywriting Services to Persuade Your Audience

Spellbind your readers with copy designed to inform and appeal.

Do you ever feel like you just aren’t connecting with your clients? Do you know what your product or service offers to people, but have trouble conveying that in your copy?

Capturing the essence of what you do and marketing that to your audience isn’t easy. In fact, only 5 percent of B2C marketers feel their approach is “extremely successful”.

Imagine copy that’s undeniably meaningful to your readers and makes it impossible for them to turn away. Having copy that invokes feeling yet is balanced with logic is when the magic happens.

At The Green Writing Desk, my job is to inspire your ideal client to convert through engaging, relevant, warm, and sparkling copy.

  • Imagine your ideal customer connecting with your brand messaging on a deeper level and feeling inspired by what your business offers.
  • Never disappoint clients with copy that fails to convert. For your digital marketing agency, I breathe life into your clients’ product or service descriptions to engage readers.
  • If you’re an individual providing a service or product, let’s put our heads together to really drive your message home for increased conversions.

Copy is an integral part of what sells your product or service. Yes, good web design, photos, branding, and your reputation all factor into your success. But to ignore good copy as a pivotal part of your strategy is to really miss what could be making your business big.

Hi, I’m Jenn

I’m a copywriter for hire and have been for the past five years. I work with businesses across many industries to deliver copy that inspires audiences. I have an annoyingly discerning eye for descriptions that do nothing for readers, being a consumer myself in addition to a badass writer. I know what your copy needs to help you stand out from your competition and successfully convey your USPs to your potential customer.

Peter Gerardi

“My goal as digital marketing agency owner is that we only partner with the very best vendors and freelancers we can find. Having consistent, high-quality content written for our clients is absolutely critical to our agency’s continued success. Jenn is THE ONLY content writer that we work with. I have learned over time that when you find a great partner in the digital marketing world, you stick with them. Jenn is super responsive, very pleasant to work with….she understands it’s not just the high-quality content, but it’s also the client relationship that is key. We have worked exclusively with Jenn for over 5 years now and cannot recommend her enough!”

—Peter Gerardi, Owner/Chief Strategist, Ovatek Web Solutions

So how do I do it?

  • I get into the minds of your ideal customer to understand what makes them tick.

It’s impossible to create copy without knowing your ideal reader profile and speaking to their struggles to both emotionally and logically appeal to them.

After all, 58 percent of content marketers said audience relevance was the biggest contributor to their success!

Having an intimate understanding of what your ideal audience wants and fears most empowers me to create copy that resonates with them.

  • I convey your brand personality to your audience so they know exactly who you are.

Knowing who you are as a brand or a person and capturing that in your copy helps your message hit its target with your potential customer and invoke an experience. They immediately know what you offer and how it can change their life.

Meaningful copy eliminates barriers that prevent your readers from truly engaging with you. I help your audience feel like they know you so they’re one step closer to converting.

  • I make your words matter so your reader wants more.

Whereas content writing is typically long-form (depending on the specific type of content), copy is pretty short.

Most readers spend just 10 seconds on a webpage before deciding if they want to stay on that webpage.

When you have such a limited amount of time to engage your potential customer, each word becomes vital. I cut the fluff and deliver copy that evokes your reader’s curiosity, desires, and attention so they want to know more.

I also run your copy through Hemingway Editor to ensure it’s readable for your audience!

  • I keep it relatable so your audience feels like you get them.

The last thing your audience wants when searching for information about a product or service is to read about how you know everything because you sell that product or service.

Good copywriting doesn’t preach: it makes your reader feel comfortable, respected, and understood, bridging the gap between you and your potential customers.

After all, your business is about them, not about you. 90 percent of consumers find personalization appealing, so what are you waiting for?

Billy Saemann

“Not only is Jenn a great writer, she’s responsive, open to feedback, provides quality work in a timely manner, and her prices are more than fair. We have hired her for a variety of copywriting projects for several years now and will continue to do so in the future.”

— Billy Saemann, GoBeyond SEO

Is Your Copy Uninspiring?

Copy that falls short of its full potential means your business falls short of its growth potential.

But it’s possible to naturally connect with your readers and portray your amazing brand to the world, and that’s what I offer.

Let’s find out what sets you apart and make your audience understand that.

Get in touch with me by using my contact form below to find out how I can help or schedule a free discovery call to get to know me and talk about your next copywriting project!

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