Ethics Statement

I always protect the privacy of my clients and ask permission before passing along their information to anyone else. Your information will not be shared with anyone at any time for any reason unless you give me explicit permission to do so.

This also goes for my readers or anyone who may email me with any personal information. Your information or any details you share with me will not be shared with anyone for any reason unless you give me explicit permission to do so.

However, for readers who comment publicly on my articles, I may use your comment on the Testimonials page of my website under the “What Readers Say” section. If you have an issue with this or do not want your comment reposted here, please let me know and I will remove it.

I do not work with individuals or companies that advocate for pharmaceutical products, animal testing or cruelty, or environmental hazards. I may turn down a specific project if I feel it violates my ethics. The most common reason I turn down a project is because the client who needs content uses a product that engages in animal testing.

Rivka Lavi

“My experience with Jenn was very pleasant and productive. I have met her as I was looking for someone to rewrite medical text for my website, as well as proofread my own text. Jenn did it rapidly and successfully, explaining to me why she has chosen one term over the other, with much patience and dedication. Other than professional, Jenn is very kind and pleasant personality to work with, and I’ll always keep her in mind for future projects.”

—Rivka Lavi

All writing you receive from The Green Writing Desk is written by me, Jenn Ryan. I never outsource articles to other writers under any circumstances. When you work with me, you can expect that all content is original (unless you’ve requested a rewrite of your existing content) and written solely by me.

Should you have any questions about my ethics, process, or whether or not a project is a good fit, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss!

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