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I’m proud to continue delivering high-quality content to my clients by becoming a certified AI writer with!

I’ve been a content writer since 2015, and both the freelancing field and digital content have changed dramatically since then.

To keep up with the changes that artificial intelligence brings with AI-generated content for product descriptions, blog posts, long-form content, and social media posts, and to further my skills, I’ve been trained in the AI content creation process and am familiar with using AI tools to bring well-written, optimized, and engaging content to my clients.

Human writers are increasingly using AI for content ideas. But that’s not all AI can do. AI-powered tools can also be used to optimize content for search engines and create copy for content marketing and even generate entire articles.

So what does this look like for you as a client of mine?

AI Content Writing Tools I’m Familiar With

I have the most experience using Frase and, both of which provide excellent platforms to generate content on. Frase is particularly helpful for generating SEO-optimized content to increase your search engine rankings and create high-quality pieces of content that your readers can easily find and enjoy.

Benefits of Using AI Content Writers

There are so many benefits of incorporating AI content writers (like me!) into your process as a digital marketing client or even if you just have your own blog. 

  • AI allows me to see how your competitors are ranking so I can optimize content to outperform them and answer questions your audience may have.
  • AI allows me to bring a greater context to your work and cover topics I may not have previously been familiar with, all while fact-checking everything.
  • AI allows you to stay competitive in your industry–because your competitors are already using AI for blog posts, product descriptions, social media, and much more.

Is the Content AI Generates Actually Original Content?

AI sources content from other pages on the web. While it is technically original, it is essentially a compilation of other sources. I typically edit all the content I run through AI or that AI generates for me for a few reasons.

  • I find that AI can often be too formal or even lack context for the topic at hand, making heavy editing necessary.
  • I write for a lot of technical clients and am meticulous about the details and information I provide, and AI doesn’t always capture this level of detail, especially not accurately.
  • I have found that for certain topics, AI does not generate factual or even accurate information, or it includes information it has found online that cannot be backed by research, so I remove it if I cannot support it.
  • AI can often get off-topic, and certain content generators can even create content that’s difficult to read or understand for a typical audience.
  • AI is not yet a great copywriting tool and doesn’t excel at writing marketing content, so while it can be a great method for content optimization and even creating unique blog content, I find that it falls short when capturing a brand voice or really hitting home with a niche audience.

Is the Way I’m Creating Content Changing?

In a word, yes, my writing process is changing! Here’s what’s happening:

1. I will either create a draft on my own or use AI in the content creation process to help me create a piece with unique headings, product descriptions, or content ideas that capture your topic, depending on the type of content you want.

2. I run the content through AI to see where there are opportunities for improvement, including optimization, ideas I may have missed, and even more blog post ideas or social media posts that can be generated from the content.

3. I proceed with my usual process of editing the piece, including using a plagiarism checker, using Grammarly and Word to check for errors, and cross-referencing the AI-generated copy with my own research and sources.

What Will AI Content Do That You Don’t Already as a Professional Writer?

A few things!

AI helps me ensure I am properly covering a topic by coming up with ideas or questions readers may have that I may not have previously considered. 

AI helps me optimize content that I otherwise would not be able to, or have limited resources to do so.

And finally, AI will help me be a better writer, creating high-converting copy, optimizing your content, and helping you stay competitive.

These content writing tools are becoming more prevalent every day, so to continue being the best writer I can be for myself and my clients, I use AI at my discretion to create many different content types and include relevant keywords in your content. 

AI Content Editing for Conversational, Unique, and Well-Researched Copy

All that being said, AI-generated content is far from perfect, meaning you’ll need an AI content editor to really make the writing shine.

More businesses, people, and digital marketing agencies today are using AI to generate SEO-friendly, accurate, and unique content—which saves both time and money from having to hire a content writer.

However, even with the advances of AI and the content it generates, it still misses that human touch that helps readers feel connected and seen. And, let’s face it, AI can’t create content unique to your client’s brand or branding voice—and audiences will pick up on this.

That’s where I come in.

In addition to being a copywriter, I’m also an AI content editor and provide affordable editing services to businesses taking advantage of AI content generation. Because AI has the potential to create great content when you have a great editor working behind the scenes. 😉

Benefits of having a human (like me!) edit your AI-generated content:

  • Make your content more conversational and relatable
  • Shorten paragraphs and replace complex words to make content easier to read
  • Tailor content to match the voice and branding of your clients
  • Create more natural-sounding content for a human touch
  • Fact-check your content for accuracy

Are you loving AI-generated content but need an AI content editor to take your deliverables to the next level and impress your clients? Contact me and let’s talk!

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