Peter Gerardi

“My goal as digital marketing agency owner is that we only partner with the very best vendors and freelancers we can find. Having consistent, high-quality content written for our clients is absolutely critical to our agency’s continued success. Jenn is THE ONLY content writer that we work with. I have learned over time that when you find a great partner in the digital marketing world, you stick with them. Jenn is super responsive, very pleasant to work with….she understands it’s not just the high-quality content, but it’s also the client relationship that is key. We have worked exclusively with Jenn for over 5 years now and cannot recommend her enough!”

—Peter Gerardi, Owner/Chief Strategist, Ovatek Web Solutions

Peter Gerardi

“If you want a writer who will meet deadlines every single time, give you high-quality work that doesn’t sound like it’s come from a generic content mill, and follow guidelines to a tee but will also incorporate her own flair and super-comprehensive research, look no further than Jenn!”

—Sarah Ban, Founder of Sarah Ban & Co.

Kristen Moser

“I have Jenn assigned to write for some of my most technical and difficult clients. We often have trouble finding qualified writers to write for these clients due to the amount of prior industry knowledge required for them. Not only does Jenn have all the necessary background knowledge needed for these clients, but she consistently excels at providing high-quality and well-detailed pieces either at or before their due date! She is highly adaptable, capable, and she is often able to troubleshoot on her own when any issues arise. We highly value Jenn and hope to keep her around for a long time!”

—Kristen Moser, Content Coordinator, Farotech

Christina Schweisberger

“I have worked with Jenn on many freelance writing projects. Without exception, I have found her to be responsive, enthusiastic and detail-oriented. Jenn is able to quickly grasp what needs to be done and delivers high-quality work on time, and often ahead of deadline. I consider her a valuable member of my team.”

—Christina Schweisberger, Editorial Director, SureFire Local

Rob Gazolla

“Jenn has been an incredible asset to our company and has done a variety of content work for us over the last several years. She’s not only creative and punctual, but communicates well and makes it easy to deliver great pieces of content to our clients. She’s committed to her craft and I’d trust her with any content needs.”

—Rob Gazzola, Gazz Consulting

Billy Saemann

“Not only is Jenn a great writer, she’s responsive, open to feedback, provides quality work in a timely manner, and her prices are more than fair. We have hired her for a variety of copywriting projects for several years now and will continue to do so in the future.”

—Billy Saemann, GoBeyond SEO

“Jenn is a talented and creative writer who is responsive and eager to take on new projects. Jenn is my go-to expert in all things sustainable as her expertise shines through in her content. She is a delight to work with and has the skill to make any topic interesting and informative!”

—Stephanie Cronk, Executive Editor, BobVila.com

Mohammed Hasan

“Jenn is an amazing writer who puts in her 150% when she writes an article. She is thorough in her research and her ability to take a technical topic and break it down for easy reading is second to none.”

—Mohammed Hasan, OutMatch Associates

Peter Gerardi

“Jenn is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, courteous, prompt with deadlines, self- motivated, and does a fantastic job researching and writing articles for my client’s professional dental blog. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional content creator.”

—Isaac Moan, Web Symphonies

Vic Holterman

“I’ve owned a number of different websites and in the past it was fairly easy to find writers, but when I launched an automobile-focused site I had a very difficult time finding writers that were both knowledgeable AND skilled at writing. Jenn was great, with very accurate articles, good analysis and the writer I had whose work required the least edits (by far). I highly recommend her.”

—Vic Holtreman, CEO, Warp 10, LLC

Rivka Lavi

“My experience with Jenn was very pleasant and productive. I have met her as I was looking for someone to rewrite medical text for my website, as well as proofread my own text. Jenn did it rapidly and successfully, explaining to me why she has chosen one term over the other, with much patience and dedication. Other than professional, Jenn is a very kind and pleasant personality to work with, and I’ll always keep her in mind for future projects.”

—Rivka Lavi

Robert Mason

“Jenn is an absolutely amazing volunteer with our organization, Letters Against Depression (LAD). She is a valued contributor to our organization as an Initial Letter Writer, which means that on many occasions, Jenn works directly as an Ambassador for Letters Against Depression as the first point of contact after someone joins LAD. Jenn is a very compassionate, thoughtful, and sincere person who has worked seamlessly with so many diverse people through our program. I found my experiences with her to exceed every expectation that I could possibly have.”

— Robert P. Mason, Founder/CEO, Letters Against Depression

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