10 Things I Just Really Love

I’m a sucker for a few things in life. You can probably guess a few of them just from perusing my site, but in case you were interested to know more, here are 10 things I just really love.

1. Coconut Oil

coconut oil

I use it when cooking and in my homemade personal care products such as toothpaste, deodorant, and body butter. I love it so much!

2. Snake Plants

snake plant

We have snake plants all over our house. They’re just easy to grow and apparently they help remove indoor air toxins!

3. Hello Kitty


Been a fan since I was a kid. I have a humongous Hello Kitty stuffed animal that hangs out on one of our vintage chairs (Hello Kitty is also on my keychain, among other places in our house, ha).

4. Essential Oils

essential oils

Use these for everything from bath oils to homemade bug spray to aromatherapy! My favorite has to be lemongrass, but I love lavender, cinnamon, and orange too!

5. Books

I’m an avid reader and am always reading something. These are just a few of my favorite books featured here!

6. Oversized Soft Sweaters

Oversized sweatshirts, sweaters, kaftans, you name it, I love it!

7. Tea

tea for blog

I am a huge fan of organic teas from Nepal Teas (not sponsored), but I make my own herbal blends too!

8. GF/DF Cupcakes

My husband and I get these at Sweet 27 in Baltimore. If you ever see me there buying an inordinate amount of cupcakes, please reserve judgment.

9. Glitter


My journey with glitter has been a long one, but I’m currently buying biodegradable glitter from EcoStardust in the UK (not sponsored, just love them).

10. Piercings

I have had MANY piercings. I had my face (anti-eyebrow) pierced, I’ve had my tongue pierced twice, I have my lip pierced, I have my industrial, tragus, conch currently. I also used to have my wrist and neck pierced, and have also had microdermals in the past.

These are all circa 2010-2011 🙂

So there you go… just a few things I love!

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